Initially founded in 1986 as MAILER STAHL GmbH by Mr. Ulrich Schmickler with the active support of his partners Joachim Mainka and Gabriele Schmickler, the aim of the company was to position as a key player in niche markets and to serve our clients with unconventional solutions based on a throughout know-how of markets, products and technical aspects.

At any time we focus on future developments, initialise forward-looking decisions early, thought trough and purpose-driven.

With the new year 2011/2012, the transition to today's MAILER STAHL GmbH & Co. KG was completed as part of a succession plan to ensure that the momentum and our love for perfection is is sustainably secured for the long run.

The employees, directors and shareholders oft he company are continuously present with conviction and enthusiasm for the business and the challenges faced finding quick, efficient, simple while economic solutions. Living partnerships in the supply chain, beginning at our suppliers via our long-term subcontractors, our customers and to their applications, is our top priority.

With the ideal combination of experience, motivation and emotion, we are constantly searching for sustainable and high quality projects, with which we can convince you each and every day of our reliability and expertise.

Thank you for your confidence.